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..pioneering the drive towards smart, converged buildings of the future.


Design and Installation of Smart Building Systems.


IST introduces a technology to solve the critical issues affecting our planet like electrical consumption through the installation of tech such as Serenity Lighting control systems and IDRIVE. BFM-IST is what happened when three guys discovered IST and realised its value. Berris Fitz and Marshall are on a mission to save the planet.
Backed by powerful the IST Team at ISTL.com, we deliver top notch solutions to not only reduce energy consumption but also present it with style and sustainability.


The technology allows you to reduce maintenance through a simplified infrasture. In conventional systems the drivers are limited to a mamaximum of 3 meters away from the lighting point. With IST IDrive, you can go up to 300 meters.


Reduce electrical consumption by 80% with a low  transitional cost IST system upgrade.

IDRIVE products allow us to run all lights on CAT6e (Computer Network) cable instead of the conventional electrical cables.  This creates enormous savings on the transition from existing lighting systems to IST smart systems